About us

Mission Statement

To help our partners achieve high levels of sales, business development and team building.


To fully develop our partners, business and team potentials.
To provide expert, working Know-How and individualised approach.

Our team

Поли Чорбаджийска - основател на BExperts

Polly Chorbadzhiyska is the founder of Bexperts. She is an expert of sales and business development, with Masters Degree in education. She is also a certified personal coach and Emotional Intelligence coach.

Throughout her 17 years of experience, she was involved in extensive market research, creation of effective business and commercial strategies. Due to her exceptional work in the pharmaceutical field, she set her own standard for professional and personal development not only in the Bulgarian market, but also internationally. She is market expert in such diverse markets as Romania, Japan, Jordan, Iran, Macedonia, UAE, Saudi Arabia and many others.She has been the head of sales manager responsible for sales and business development at Unicoms Switzerland and Healthy life.
She actively participates in the establishment of products such as Sure Check, Sendo and Selonogin, all of which market leading products in their particular field. She uses extensively Emotional Intelligence analysis and evaluation in the corporate world. She proves the important role that emotional equilibrium and personal maturity play in the successful professional and personal development of the teams she works with.

That’s what she has to say about herself:
“For me, work is passion. I believe that a person changes and grows all the time. I am happy to share my knowledge about professional and personal development with the people I work with. As a former sportsperson and current bridge player I know what it is to want to be the best and aim high. I believe in myself and my associates.”

Anastassia Dimitrova

Anastasia Dimitrova is an expert in sales and team development. She is a pedagogue, psychologist, a certified Emotional Intelligence coach.
She is an experienced sales manager in tourism and real estate in both Bulgarian and international markets.
Since 2011, Anastasia teaches mnemonic techniques and speed reading. Since 2015, she facilitates training in physical exercises that lead to improving the functioning of the brain and organises activities that improve intellect and creativity.
Some of her customers are Karoll, Evrobet, UniCredit Bank, Mtel and the British embassy in Bulgaria.

This is what Anastasia says about herself:
“My work allows my customers to find for themselves that they are much more talented, creative and industrious than they had previously believed and to understand that a belief in set realities is what is preventing them to fully develop themselves. My biggest satisfaction is to help people to get in touch with their inner selves and become happier and more fulfilled, and in the process to discover many wonderful things about the world and themselves. I know that after meeting with me, they will be changed into a better version of themselves.
I work towards building of new skills in self-awareness, self-discipline and empathy, which are very important to successfully manage our teams and work.”



Georgi Grigorov

Georgi Grigorov is an expert in team development and sales. He is an experienced sales manager in the pharmaceutical industry. He is also experienced in domestic and international markets research and the preparation of annual financial reports. He worked for companies such as Unicoms Bulgaria, Healthy Life and Team Pro.

That’s what he has to say about himself: 

“Sharing my experience and knowledge is what I want to be doing. I enjoy seeing the results of my work, when my teams develop and achieve high results.”

Neli Nanova

Neli Nanova is a marketing and sales expert. She has a marketing and finance degree. She has an experience as a product and marketing manager of processed foods. Since 2012, she works at Dr Oetker Bulgaria, responsible for the development and implementation of strategies, introducing new products, analysis of existing and new markets, and strategic and operational marketing.

This is what Neli says about herself:
“My work gives me strength, inspiration, energy and motivation. My strong analytical abilities help me find the optimal solutions for achieving high results. I love alternative approach in business situations and establishing brand names.”

Miroslav Stefanov - Studio Dreamtime

Miroslav Stefanov is a graphic designer with more than fifteen-year experience in design and advertising. His specialties are graphic design and classical animation. He has worked as an in-house designer for many years and now he runs his own design studio, producing both advertisement and designs. Miroslav had completed numerous projects such as complete designs – logo, packaging, advertisement concept etc on new consumers product successfully launched in Bulgarian and international markets.

This is what Miroslav says about himself:

“My job is to create attractive concept which grabs the attention and at the same time showcases the best quality of the product itself. I’m glad when my team and I find effective way to make a product stand out and to be received well by the customer.”

Ilian Chorbadijski

Iliyan Chorbadzhiyski is an expert in finance, accounting and IT. He has graduated from Aston University in United Kingdom, with a degree in Business Management and Finance.
He had worked as an IT business analyst for General Motors, in the European headquarters in Luton. He had led numerous projects and has collaborated with teams from the whole of Europe, US, Brazil and India.
Currently, he is working at DrugDev, London as a financial specialist, responsible for budgets, tax optimisation and leading and execution of software projects.
In his quality of a financial specialist, he is responsible for investing in foreign markets, expansion and launching of new products abroad.

This is what Iliyan says about himself:
“I aim to be the best in my field. As a professional swimmer and captain of a volleyball team I understand the importance of discipline and goal setting and achievement. It gives me great satisfaction to see the project I manage come to a successful completion.”